Increase in Prices of Fuel at Gas Stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Fuel prices at gas stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been rising again in the last few days, so that they are more than six to ten pfennigs per liter, and according to experts, it can be expected to maintain the growth trend in the coming period, Radio Sarajevo reports.

At a gas station in Banja Luka, they said that the price of diesel and gasoline has been higher by 0.06 BAM per liter in recent days.

“Earlier, a liter of diesel costed 1.66 BAM, while the new price is 1.72 BAM,” they point out from that gas station.

According to them, a liter of gasoline is 1.73 BAM. Unlike diesel and gasoline, the price of auto gas is 0.89 BAM.

The increase in prices at other pumps is similar and varies from 0.06 to 0.10 BAM per liter.

Zoran Berak, secretary of the Group for trade in oil and oil derivatives in the RS Chamber of Commerce, confirmed for “Nezavisne” that fuel prices have already risen at some gas stations in RS.

“Distributors of oil and oil derivatives in RS are changing the prices of fuel at gas stations in accordance with the parameters that affect them, so there has been an increase in prices in accordance with the prices in refineries in the area,” Berak said.

According to him, the growth trend can be expected in the coming period, because an agreement has been reached at the world level on limiting oil production, which, according to Berak, will probably affect the growth of the price of a barrel of crude oil on the world market.

Almir Becarevic, an energy expert, told “Nezavisne” that the price of oil on the world market is rising, so the price of fuel at gas stations is immediately higher.

“The fact is that the price of oil on the world market has risen, and there are justifications for higher fuel prices at gas stations, but not to such an extent,” he said, adding that gas station owners had adjusted fuel prices three times in the last 20 days.



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