Bosnian hacked into EU Banks Systems and transferred Three Million Euros


The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina asked the Court to order one-month detention for a man who was arrested by the Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) two days ago in an action code-named “Transfer”.

This person is suspected of committing highly sophisticated forms of financial fraud and insulting the citizens of the European Union.

Dnevni Avaz” learns from sources close to the investigation that Bego Agic was arrested, and along with him, another person was arrested, but was released.

The investigation is directed against several people in BiH who were Agić’s helpers in this business and to whom he transferred money from foreign accounts to accounts in BiH.

The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH said yesterday that, in order to reveal everything, cooperation was established with Interpol in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as banks from the EU.

According to the information, Agic committed fraud amounting to almost six million BAM (three million euros) by hacking into accounts in foreign banks in Germany and Switzerland.

Agic and his team falsified bank orders for payments and entered protected networks and communication systems in order to make cash payments from abroad to the accounts of several citizens in BiH with forged documentation.

These are amounts up to 10,000 euros so that the financial transactions, which they paid, and mostly Agic, would not be suspicuous to the investigating authorities.

In return, Agic gave certain compensation to the citizens of BiH with whom he agreed to cooperate.

They withdrew money from the account for him and handed everything over to him.

It is not known how long he broke into bank systems and transferred money.

Generally, Agic was taking 8,000 euros for himself and gave 2,000 euros to his helpers.





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