Republika Srpska Police arrested Six Migrants


Police from Republika Srpska found six migrants, who managed to escape from an abandoned house in Klasnice on Wednesday after one of them pointed a gun at a police officer.

The head of the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of the Interior, Mirna Miljanovic, confirmed to Fena that an intensive search is underway for other migrants, who have firearms with them.

It all happened during the intervention of the police patrol of the Police Administration of Banja Luka in the town of Klasnice, after it was reported that there were migrants in an abandoned house in that settlement.

“During the arrival of the police patrol, a group of migrants managed to escape in an unknown direction, pointing a gun at the police officer,” stated Miljanovic.

Employees of the Banja Luka Police Administration, members of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit, the MUPRS Gendarmerie and the Helicopter Service are all involved in the search.



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