People living in Lukavac and Gradacac lost Everything they had in Half an Hour


In just half an hour of the storm that hit the wider area of Lukavac, Gracanica and Srebrenik on Monday afternoon, great damage was caused to citizens and businessmen, Avaz news portal reports.

In Lukavac, and five local communities, declared a state of natural disaster and in Gnojnica, for example, more than 3,000 people are endangered, and the situation is no better in Dobosnica.

“The storm affected five local communities in our area, or about 20 percent of the facilities. A large number of facilities are underwater, huge damage has been caused and the situation is not good,” says Edin Delic, mayor of Lukavac.

In the area of Gracanica, according to the reports of the authorities, the local community of Miricina suffered the most. There are about 20 buildings underwater, and the damage to the properties is huge.

Storm, rain and hail ravaged Srebrenik and Gradacac. The locals made every effort to save their property, but new rains brought new problems. They are worried that in the year of the coronavirus, they were left without agricultural crops and fruits, and, as they point out, they do not know how they will survive the winter.

(Photo: A.Bajric for Avaz)

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