Sarajevo Canton collected some Two Million BAM of Fines for Non-Compliance with Orders to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus



Members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Sarajevo Canton (MIA CS) have so far collected almost two million BAM in the name of fines for non-compliance with the ordered measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

At the beginning, the police warned, and when citizens did not leave them another option, they had to react repressively – with punishment.

The CS Ministry of the Interior confirmed for “Avaz” that since the moment the orders were issued, the police officers have issued about 3,500 misdemeanor orders due to non-compliance with the ordered measures. In CS, the envisaged fine is in the range of 500 to 1,500 BAM.

If we take the example that in all cases the minimum fines of 500 KM were written, a simple calculation leads to an incredible figure of 1,750,000 BAM. That number is growing day by day.

Thus, for example, from the period of declaring the state of natural disaster, from March 18th to May 12th, 910,588 BAM of fines were paid to the deposit account of CS.

In two weeks, almost twice as much money entered into the budget. “The most common offenses are for not wearing a protective mask, not respecting the prescribed distance and violating curfew,” the Ministry of the Interior explained.

On the other hand, in Tuzla Canton, for example, far fewer sanctions have been imposed. Only 539. What is interesting is that the fines, unlike the BiH capital, range from 150 to 1,500 BAM.

As confirmed to Avaz by the Tuzla Canton Ministry of the Interior, most misdemeanor warrants were served due to non-compliance with the ban on movement from 8 pm to 5 am, and non-compliance with the obligation to wear protective equipment.

(Photo: Radio Slobodna Evropa)


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