One of the best Chocolates in Yugoslavia is being produced in Bosnia-Herzegovina again!

February 24, 2020 10:30 AM


The successful local company AC Food, after the hit product Maza, launched the Kremipan chocolate bar on the market.

This is another renewed brand of the former Agrocomerc, and at AC Food they say that Kremipan is the best chocolate bar ever produced in our country.

News from the company was announced on social media, saying that they had worked on the project for about 20 months.

“Kremipan – a sweet hit from the time of the former Yugoslavia in the 1980s. Kremipan was one of the top 3 chocolate products in the former Yugoslavia. Now in a fantastic enhanced edition with Maza and Noisette filling, the best chocolate bar ever made in Bosnia-Herzegovina,” was sated from AC Food.




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