Exhibition of Birds and small Animals opened in Sarajevo

December 21, 2019 10:30 AM



A series of fair activities that showcase birds and small animals was opened on Friday in “Mirza Delibasic” hall in Skenderija in Sarajevo, organized by the Ecological Society for the Breeding and Protection of Small Animals (EDZUP) Sarajevo, Federal News Agency reports.

The 3rd European Fair-Exhibition of the Balkan Pigeon Race, the 2nd European Fair-Pigeon Race, the 11th State Fair-Exhibition of Small Animals, the 17th Orthologous State Fair-Bird Exhibition, and the Exhibition of Sports Pigeons of the Sarajevo Area Carrier – Sarajevo 2019.

At the opening it was pointed out that more than 200 exhibitors from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Hungary, Northern Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia and Ukraine participate in the event.

More than 3,500 small animals are exhibited by species – pigeons, rabbits, canaries, parrots and aquarium fishes.

The President of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the Breeding and Protection of Small Animals Duro Mitrakovic congratulated the organizers on the realization of the exhibition. The event is open until December 22nd.

(Photo: Dnevni List)




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