Two-thirds of Workers in Republika Srpska do not receive an Average Salary

The government of Republika Srpska (RS) will take the necessary measures to get the average salary in this entity by at the level of 1,000 BAM by the end of the year.

Also, it will continue the growth trend, especially when it comes to the lowest salaries, was stated by Dusko Milunovic, the entity Minister of Labor, Veterans and Disability Affairs.

Currently, the average net salary in Reoublika Srpska entity is 911 BAM, and it is for the first time it has reached the level of the average salary in the Federation of BiH, the other entity.

The entity trade unions alliance also underlined that salaries have to be increased, as surveys show that 86 percent of surveyed workers cited their earnings as the first reason to leave, Federal News Agency reports.

“Two-thirds of workers in RS do not even receive an average salary. If a worker earns 450 BAM and cannot provide even for himself, then the situation is dramatic,” said Ranka Misic from the trade unions alliance, urging the RS government to hold a thematic session on the wage system.

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