1,285 People Coronavirus positive in Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced on Sunday that a total of 1,285 people in BiH have been infected with the coronavirus, Avaz news portal reports.

Of these, 733 persons were infected in the Federation of BiH entity, 534 in Republika Srpska and 18 in Brcko District.

A total of 17,818 people were tested across the entire country (9,588 in the RS and 7,943 in the FBiH, while 287 were tested in the Brcko District).

In BiH, a total of 48 people have died from coronaviruses, including 17 in Republika Srpska and 29 in the Federation of BiH. Also, two deaths were reported in the Brcko District.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina there are 11,005 persons under supervision, of whom 4,204 are in the RS and 5,959 in the FBiH.

Also, 842 persons are under the supervision of Brcko.


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