Center for selective Waste disposal opened

April 29, 2017 1:45 PM

tuzla selective wasteA center for separation of secondary raw materials was solemnly opened in Tuzla. In this center, citizens can separately dispose glass packaging, plastic, paper, cardboard, cans and waste batteries. The selective waste separation center is located near the parking lot at the eastern entrance to the complex of Pannonian lakes.

The establishment of the Center for collecting and recycling secondary raw materials represents a significant improvement in waste management in the area of Tuzla. It is important to note that the center works according to EU standards.

“We are working on a waste management plan and this represents a new phase for separatzion of waste, in which we need to have synergies with citizens. This center is located near Panonian lakes, because during the bathing season people gather large amounts of garbage so we can, with cooperation with JKP Komunalac and Panonika, have separately collected and selected waste. This is a wider framework supported by the Swiss Embassy in BiH,” said Mayor of Tuzla Jasmin Imamovic.

(Source: akta)


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