Clinical Centers to get 9 Million BAM from Federation BiH?

April 7, 2017 2:30 PM

hospitalThe Federal Government of BiH has adopted the Decision on approval the Program of expenditure with the criteria for allocation of funds for the rehabilitation of health facilities in the Federation of BiH. The previously stated fund is established by the FBiH and 9,000,000 BAM will be allocated from the budget for 2017.

In this way, allocation of the funds will be done in a way that three million BAM will be given to the University Clinical Center of Sarajevo, the University Clinical Hospital Mostar and the University Clinical Center Tuzla.

The purpose is to ensure the level of safety standards and quality of health services of secondary and tertiary levels, which are provided to patients from all over the Federation of BiH through maintaining and improving the liquidity of public health institutions founded by the Federation.

The funds will be spent for the purchase of medicines and other supplies, maintenance and renovation of medical equipment that are essential for ensuring continuity in the provision of health services in the public health institutions.

The funds will be paid quarterly,  1/4 of the approved amount will be paid based on user requirements. Federal Ministry of Health will in 15 days conclude individual agreements on the allocation of funds, announced the Office of Public Relations of the Government of the Federation of BiH.

(Source: klix)


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