80% of foreign investors in BiH continues to invest

buroj2Director of the Agency for Foreign Investment Promotion (FIPA) Gordan Milinić met with Kuwaiti investors and representatives of company Al Dar National Real Estat. Some of the topics on the meeting were infrastructural projects such as highways, railways, airports and projects of food production, hotels and spa centers.

Kuwaiti investors, who do business in BiH emphasize that it would be better if the business environment was more favorable. Moreover, they talked about their experiences and difficulties they had from the establishment of the company until the realization of the project.

The obstacles are overcome, but they emphasize that investors will go where it is easier to do business.

Director Milinić informed the guests that all levels of government are working on the improvement of the business environment, which is imperative on the road to the EU, and without which BiH cannot achieve significant economic growth. Moreover, he emphasized that FIPA is working on proposing measures to improve the business environment, and that it proposed 41 measures in 2016.

He stressed the fact that the study undertaken by the Foreign Investors Council (FIC) showed that 80% of foreign investors in BiH continues to invest.

(Source: klix)


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