Zvjerska Zajednica Sihrirano Tomorrow Night at FIS CLUB

zvjerskazajednicaAs part of the Gala Spectacle for Body and Soul concert scheduled to take place tomorrow night at FIS CLUB BOCK in Sarajevo, the band Zvjerska Zajednica Sihrirano will perform.

Members of the band are Dikkipedia, Opel Kadet, Jedi’niii, Luka Tikvicki, Ingrida and Stranac. There are also others who have joined forces with this band to assist them in spreading their message.

‘’As a result of the sudden fall from Mars and the subsequent jet-lag effect, the decision came for bitter sugar, unsalted salt, tasteless spice…out of practical reasons such as: surplus deficit, deficit surplus, animosity toward sensibility and vice versa’’, states in the manifesto of the band.

Self-proclaiming to have fallen from Mars, a manifesto replete with contradictions, this is a band that is undeniably worthy of attention, not only for their unique image, but for the distinct and unusually appealing sounds that they bring.

Link to their first video single ‘Tichice’ from their first album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lAi5I_mmu4

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