Zvizdic: Billion Euros worth Infrastructure Projects to begin in Spring


The new convocation of the Council of Ministers should be given full support in the implementation of projects that can lead to strengthening internal reintegration, long-term political and social stability, economic growth and development and the rule of law, said Speaker of the House of Representatives of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Parliamentary Assembly Denis Zvizdic.

Zvizdic stated that this support is also needed “because of further credible activities on the path of Euro-Atlantic integration and the proper positioning of BiH in international and regional relations”.

“At the moment, the ruling coalition has a comfortable majority in both houses of the BiH Parliament, and this is an extremely important fact that the newly appointed Council of Ministers should make the best use of,” Zvizdic told Dnevni Avaz news portal.

He said that many projects that have been opened in the BiH Parliament can be expected to be operational in the spring, with hundreds of millions of grants, as well as more than a billion euros in infrastructure projects, primarily the highway on the Corridor 5C and construction of highways in BiH. Zvizdic said he was not optimistic about the rapid formation of the Federal Government.




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