Zenica became more accessible to Visually Impaired People after the Construction of Tactile Surfaces

With the construction of the Main City Road (MCR), the city of  Zenica got one of the most modern roads in BiH, and with the recent realization of the project of tactile surfaces on pedestrian crossings on roundabouts and crossroads, the movement of blind and visually impaired people was largely facilitated.

After numerous initiatives, the competent service of the Municipal Authority of Zenica constructed tactile surfaces at pedestrian crossings. With the realization of this project, Zenica became one of the few cities in BiH that facilitated movement of the blind people.

“The tactical surfaces are conceived to facilitate the movement of blind people on sidewalks and pedestrian crossings. Previous activities facilitated the movement, but as soon as the project is done, it will be what we have planned,” said Skopljak and added that it is important to conduct some activities in settlements of Zenica where the movement of blind and visually impaired people is more frequent.

The movement of blind and visually impaired people in other cities in BiH is facilitated with sound signaling on traffic lights and tactile surfaces at some locations.

In Mostar, one of the major cities in BiH, there is still no sound signaling on the traffic lights or tactile surfaces on pedestrian crossings, while the movement of blind and visually impaired persons in Bihac is facilitated by sound signaling, and the same was done in the city of Tuzla.

When it comes to Canton Sarajevo, most of the intersections have traffic lights with sound signaling, which is making it a lot easier for the blind and visually impaired people to move, and tactile surfaces are present in several settlements as well.

(Source: E. M./Klix.ba)

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