Zeljka Cvijanovic: We managed to make Balanced Labor Law

December 28, 2015 1:15 PM

cvijanovicPrime Minister of Republika Srpska Zeljka Cvijanovic believes that the Government managed to make a balanced Labor Law, which is taking care of workers and employers, and which contains similar solutions as laws in the region, while the Labor Law FB&H is most restrictive.

When asked to comment on the justification of employers’ demands that Republika Srpska should have identical labor law as in the FB&H, in order to equalize business conditions, Cvijanovic said that it is justified to seek for equalization of the business conditions in the two entities, but that this is not possible only through the Labor Law.

“If employers are stating that they will be at a disadvantage position because the solutions in this law are not identical, then they should be correct and say and that their position is significantly better than that of the employers in the FB&H, due to energy prices that are significantly lower in Republika Srpska, but also because of some other laws,” said Prime Minister of Republika Srpska.

She said that there is a labor union on the other side, which state that nothing should be changed, or that we should not make new law and they therefore simply decided not to negotiate, which is unrealistic as well as irresponsible.

“If the Government was ready to negotiate for another month or even longer to reach satisfactory, but realistic solutions, then labor unionists should demonstrate the same willingness, and if they are not satisfied with the results, they could still organize protests, because it is never too late for that, no one is disputing them that right,” concluded Cvijanovic.

If the Government did not show social sensitivity, said Serbian Prime Minister, many of the rights would be left unprotected, just because the labor union decided to isolate itself from this process.

(Source: klix.ba)

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