Zeljka Cvijanovic is officially the President of Republika Srpska

The solemn transfer of duty of the President of Republika Srpska between Milorad Dodik and newly elected Zeljka Cvijanovic was held in Banja Luka yesterday evening.

The ceremony began in front of the Palace by intoning the “My Republic” anthem, and by delivering to Cvijanovic, the new president of Republika Srpska.

During the ceremony in the oval salon, the presidential flag and the Constitution were also handed over.

Dodik said that RS is moving towards further strengthening and that these are different circumstances than when he was the president of the RS. He added that he was proud of being the first RS president who was in two terms and he expressed his hope that Zeljka Cvijanovic will be successful as well.

Cvijanovic said that the RS’s ability to quickly implement the election results was demonstrated.

“I will work this job honestly, it is always challenging for a person to succeed Dodik but we will function as a team. With Dodik as Presidency member, the cooperation with RS institutions will be easier. I believe in Republic, in our better future,” Cvijanovic stated in front of a number of delegates and officials of the ruling coalition who came to the ceremony.

(Source: srpskainfo)


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