BUSINESS Project With Rounded Concept

zdravo.baProject completed its first test year research of the market for organic vegetables and other local products. Now in Zdrava Dolina (farm near Visoko) they are planning for an active development of production and sale. However, this is moving along slowly, so that they would not encounter a situation where they end up having a huge demand but is not able to meet the demand.

“The demand for healthy food exists, regardless of the crisis, because people know the dangers of chemicals and harmful substances found in food’’, said Haris Avdić, one of the initiators of the project. “In addition to the economic interest, on our Facebook site we are working on the awareness of the purchase of BIH products, on motivating people to grow their own vegetables, as well as on the promotion of humanitarian action’’, added Avdić.

Their products are delivered to the home address of buyers. A health package is the basic product, consisting of a combination of seasonal vegetables and fruits and that meet the weekly needs of a family. There are also organic eggs, honey, teas, ajvar, and salad from organic carrots.

Home delivery is so far only made in Sarajevo. “The prices are somewhat higher than on the market, but in that difference quality is hidden, hard work and the sweat of the people that work in the field, as well as the effort to ensure our products, pack them and deliver them with a smile to our customers’’, said Avdić.

The idea of was taken from a concept in developed countries, such as Canada and Great Britain, which invest a lot in the production of healthy organic food and with this, strengthen the local community.

Consumer awareness about healthy food in BIH definitely exists, but the biggest problem is that reliable and trusted sources of food are not yet established. People are confused with lots of information, and there is a great distrust of sellers on the market. The team of wishes to fill this gap and slowly create customer confidence. At this stage is the consideration of the organic certification of its products.


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