’Zadrugar’ Finalizing Preparations to Increase Greenhouses Potpuno besplatne slike visokog kvaliteta.If the property-legal relations is resolved in the next few days and the procedure of leasing agricultural land of state property for greenhouse production is successfully completed, works on building 60 greenhouses in Sitneši in Srbac for the organic production of peppers and tomatoes could begin by 1 July.

Member of the newly formed public-private company ‘Zadrugar’ Elvir Hadžirašidović said that despite the delay of this project, by the end of this year this company, with 60 employees, would deliver 1.200 tons of organic peppers and tomatoes to foreign markets worth 1 million euros.

“This is for a German partner with whom we have agreed on production. We have established contacts with the trade chain “Bauhaus” in Serbia and Slovenia, and with BiH when it comes to formation in this area. This company has all the qualities of a successful business because Srbac is known for its fertile soil and uncontaminated land’’, added Hadžirašidović.

At the site where greenhouses will be raised in Sitneši, ‘Zadrugar’ has already organized works on clearing and landscaping, where eight people will be employed, announced on the site of municipality Srbac.


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