Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina have more Hours of Volunteering than planned


High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HJPC) through the Project ‘Building an Effective and Citizen-friendly Judiciary’, funded by the European Union, supported marking of International Volunteer Day.

At the Volunteerism Gallery event, the HJPC, with the financial support of the European Union, awarded three elementary schools: PI Primary school Čapljina, PI Primary school ‘Bristovi’- Bugojno and PI Primary school ”Tin Ujević” Vitina – Ljubuški with balls for football, basketball and volleyball (fifteen balls per each school). During 2019, these schools were extremely creative in selection of their volunteer activities, showed a high level of responsibility and had more volunteer hours than planned.

“On behalf of the collective and my personal name, I would like to thank for the award received from your institution. Students from seven villages come to our school and only there they have the opportunity for the sports activities. Funding from the Central Bosnia Canton’s Ministry of Education are insufficient to buy the sports equipment. This award will improve the quality of physical education activities and allow children to better prepare for the sporting competitions in Bugojno Municipality. I would like to convey the gratitude on behalf of all the students of the Primary school Bristovi”, Director of PI Primary school Bristovi – Bugojno, Rasma Hadžić pointed out.

During the event, representatives of the ‘Building an Effective and Citizen-friendly Judiciary’ project team spoke with the students about the importance of justice in BiH and on that occasion handed out booklets “Why is justice important?” The students met with the basic judiciary terms, and expressed desire to visit the courtroom and meet with one working day of judicial staff. HJPC with the financial support of the European Union will enable student visits to the courts and give them the opportunity to see one working day in the judicial institutions.

Emphasizing the importance of volunteering, youth activism and contribution to the local community, the HJPC, congratulates all volunteers on the occasion of this important day, while remaining committed to supporting such and similar activities aiming to build capacities of young individuals.


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