Youth from the City of Ljubuski raised over 36,000 BAM for Families in Need


For the past month, the Agape Youth Association from the city of Ljubuski has conducted its traditional humanitarian action, “Reaction”, in which activists have knocked on more than 300 doors over the past holidays.

The campaign ended a few days ago, and more than 35,900 BAM have been collected, which have been donated in various ways families in the Ljubuski area who are in need.

As our volunteers visit our fellow citizens, it’s time to talk about the numbers as well. The size of this project is best experienced when we show it through money. In total, we raised 35,900 BAM, of which 6,250 were donations from sponsors and 29,650 from humanitarian fair sales. The donations in goods are 1,500 BAM higher than in previous years, and the campaign “Buy a package and show your humanitarian character” has resulted in packages worth thousands of marks,” – said the Agape Association, Fena reports.

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