Youth Bank in B&H Is Chance for Youth and Creative People

Fondacija mozaikMozaik Foundation presented a program in Sarajevo today of youth banks in the FB&H and B&H in which 31 projects from the country worth more than one million BAM are included.

The network of youth banks (MOBA) informed representatives of the legislative and executive branches today of the priorities and position of young people and the contribution of youth banks to youth education and the participation of youth in the decision-making process and realization of municipal strategies for youth.

In 2013, youth banks supported 321 projects in B&H, of which 165 projects were for informal youth groups from the FB&H in the total amount of 578.887.55 BAM. The funding through this program are grants for projects of informal youth groups.

The projects that youth are engaged in are mainly infrastructure, such as projects for planning schoolyards and the environment.

(Source: Fena)

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