Young Woman from Herzegovina became an Employer for 22 Workers through a Hobby

Fashion designer Marija Peric from Tomislavgrad is currently preparing a new collection of bags for women for the spring/summer 2018, whose main characteristics are quality materials and modern design and colours, and they are known under the name “Lovely Bag”.

The story of Marija Peric and the production of fashion accessories for the most demanding population started five years ago as a hobby, and now this fashion house employs 22 workers who are placing their designer products on the market of BiH and the EU, together with world-renowned brands.

“Besides my regular job, I also wanted to do something new, something more challenging and fashion-related, and thus I started making bags for myself as a hobby. When my friends expressed desire for those same bags, I got the idea to try to design bags for the others as well. I designed several models in the following couple of months and then I dared to present them on social networks. The first reactions and comments were very positive, above all my expectations, and I can say that it was a real motivation and a wind in the back for the start of this job,” noted Peric.

“A lot of energy, effort, work and renunciation was invested in order to get to the regional market and to place our brand on the fashion scene. I found the funds for a really big investment in marketing and the equipment of the production plant all by myself in the first few years,” added Peric.

According to her, she is constantly working on the improvement of products, quality and offer, which includes different models and materials. She also added that customers recognized their efforts and reactions are getting better every year, while the number of satisfied owners of ‘Lovely bags’ is constantly increasing.

When it comes to the progress and development of her company, Peric also added that she is particularly proud of the fact that she employs 22 women and that her bags are now sold in four regional countries (BiH, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro), on 32 sales places.

“Now, I design bags depending on my inspiration and mood, and since I have a lot of ideas, we have something new and special coming out of our creative workshop every month,” concluded this young and successful entrepreneur, Marija Peric.

(Source: faktor.ba)



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