Young and Successful People: Meet the Creators of the first BiH Robot

July 25, 2017 6:15 PM

High schoolers are those who are responsible for the many recent good news in Bosnia and Herzegovina. And mainly from major world competitions.

Third grade students from the Electro-technical High School in Sarajevo returned from the prestigious Robotics Olympiad held in Washington, who presented their own robot. They collected the funds for travel to the United States by themselves.

In their school, they created the Bosna Bot, which can move, climb and move things around itself with the help of a joystick for navigation. They represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the prestigious Robotics Olympiad in Washington. The aim of the teams from 162 countries was to create a robot that can clean polluted water.

“First, we began with this mechanism for movement. Then, we somehow copied it and put it on the other side. After that, we began creating the mechanism for climbing. We endeavored to make our robot appealing to the eye. We are planning to better our idea, but we need knowledge from mechatronics since we’re from the Electro-technical High School,” evaluated Bakir Kaptenović.

In order to present their robot at the international scene, the students had to gather the money for their travel themselves. Without financial help from the ministry, they sent requests to various foundations and private firms. Some of them replied positively and thus gave these young people an opportunity to realize their dreams. They used the opportunity to participate at the Olympiad to learn from the experiences of their peers from other countries, especially from those where robotics is more valued and helped financially.

Bosna Bot, as their first robot, had an accented role at the international competitions in Washington. After their return to their country, they say they will continue doing what they love and before deciding to leave Bosnia and Herzegovina, they want to create better conditions for future generations.

(Source: N1)


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