Young People Speak About Socially Engaged Stories Through Photographs

pravo_ljudskiThe exhibition of photographs ‘I have a story’ will open tomorrow at 20:15 in Gallery Black Box as part of the opening of ‘Zumiraj Prava’, a program of the eight Pravo Ljudski Film Festival. Of the 467 photographs that arrived at the now traditional contest for the best photo-essay ‘I have a story’, 72 will be presented. The young people whose photographs will be presented at Black Box are Armin Graca, Edna Karasalihović, Emina Krnjić, Ena Ibrović, Ernad Šehić, Fako Zlatan and Haris Begić.

‘Zumiraj Prava’ program for youth oriented the competition this year towards a documentary photo-essay, with the aim to develop skills of storytelling. In this way, young people had the chance to combine the art of storytelling and documentary photography.

The announcement of the best photo-essay ‘I have a story’ will be held on Monday, 11 November at 18:15 in Kino Meeting Point. The jury that will announce the best photo-essay is made up of photographer Dženat Dreković, Director of the Human Rigths Center in Sarajevo Saša Madacki, artust Pjer Kurten and writer Lamija Begagić.

(Source: Press Office Pravo Ljudski)


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