Young Man traveled from Belgium to Zavidovici to propose his Girlfriend (Video)

newly-wedsThe fact that love knows no boundaries testifies story of Almin Mahmutovic, who traveled over 1,600 kilometers to propose his girlfriend from Zavidovici.

Before his departure from Belgium, relations between him and his girlfriend Nejra Tursic were violated as he planed.

Three days before his trip to BiH, he staged a fight with his girlfriend, and then headed to Zavidovici to surprise her and propose.

Upon arrival in Zavidovici, he immediately arranged a meeting with Nejra and kept relationship disturbed and pretended that nothing is same.

After some time and leaving the meeting, he did what she least expected.

He knelt before her, asked for forgiveness and proposed to her.

A brave move of this young man from Zavidovici thrilled the users of social networks.

Take a look at the video.


(Source: faktor.ba)

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