How a young Man from Prnjavor achieved great Success thanks to Facebook?

miso-suboticA young man from Prnjavor achieved great success in the world in a short time, all thanks to social networks. Miso Subotić is now followed by more than one million visitors.

Subotić was born in Kulaši near Prnjavor, where he graduated from high school. He spent some time working at the local television. He studied graphic design at the BLC in Banja Luka.

“I have always been interested in art and technology, so with support from my parents I enrolled in graphic design studies. ‘Glitchart’, composition and production of electronic music are my passion, so during studies I worked on many multimedia projects which included audio production, video montage and motion graphic design. One of the projects I am especially proud of is the work on the establishment of the first student radio in Republika Srpska – College Radio,” said Subotić.

During studies, Mišo visited many European countries and the American continent. Hungry for knowledge and practice, Mišo decided to launch his own business online.

“We live in a small and underdeveloped country where online jobs are slowly starting to develop, but they are somehow still a taboo. Because of that, I spent almost three years working on montage, as a cameraman and motion graphic designer for televisions K3 and ATV. I started dealing with social network more seriously in late 2014,” Mišo said.

The great success of this young man started in 2015. By visiting different regional IT conferences, he slowly opened his path towards success. In a short period of time, Subotić achieved so much.

“Sometime in July 2015 I read an interesting article about Facebook allowing its users to set gifs and animated profile photos. That seemed interesting to me, but I did not pay it much thought. When it all got out of the beta test, when the gifs came to life, I caught myself downloading one after another and sharing them with my friends regularly. I saw an opportunity to gather as many people as possible who love this kind of stuff and that’s when Gif Porn was created. The idea was to choose and publish the best gif content every day and the name Gif Porn was a sort of advertisement trick, for fast growth and inspired by already existing websites like Food Porn. In the beginning, me and my friend Bogdan Tomičić updated the page, but as the number of users increased we were expected to share more and more content, as well as to select better stuff. Thus I found several more editors from Glitch Art Community. In less than a year, our platform has over one million users, nearly two million now, and weekly growth is between 50 and 90 thousands new users,” said Mišo.

Gif Porn is a platform on which artists and enthusiasts can present their work and make it seen by thousands of people. They make gifs at request for advertisement companies, for the purpose of different campaigns.

This young man emphasizes that there is no formula for success in the job he does. In order to succeed, one must integrate many parts into a whole. Apart from continuous education, keeping up-to-date with important information, also important is to connect with people who do similar business. However, without persistence and patience it is hard to achieve success because nothing happens overnight.


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