Young Man from Cazin launches high-standard Meat production 

sandi_salkicSandi Salkić from Cazin decided to take advantage of the family expertise in meat production and invest significant efforts and financial means in order to raise the existing knowledge to a higher level. Namely, Sandi decided to launch his own company “Agrorevolucija”, where he will produce and pack meat in accordance with the highest standards.

The family business of the production of high quality domestic meat dates back to the sixties of the last century. Sandi Salkić decided to improve it and modernize it.

“My business is generational, conveyed from generation to generation. Since I was a child I have been witnessing the way my family is doing this job and building a brand. As a grown up man, I want to continue doing that job and improve it significantly,” said Salkić.

Determined to implement the idea about his own business, Salkić first graduated from the Faculty of Food Sciences in order to acquire new knowledge and skills in the field, and then he decided to launch his own company “Agrorevolucija, where he intends to produce and pack meat in accordance with the highest standards. What is most important is that no one in BiH has ever made a similar attempt.

“The aim of ‘Agrorevolucija’ is to be the first in BiH to pack meat that has the highest and proven quality. We have a special recipe for nutrition of our livestock, we produce all animal feed on our fields, thus the entire cycle is controlled with the aim of achieving the desired quality of meat,” Salkić said.

Label of the finish product will clearly state who produced the meat, in which way, and what the quality of the meat is. The products will also have HACCP and Halal certificates. In the beginning, Salkić intends to engage a number of subcontractors. He intends to increase the number of subcontractors year after year, so that he has around 150 animals three years from now.

In addition to all of the above mentioned, “Agrorevolucija” will aim at encouraging domestic economy, making big changes for small producers of quality meat, and ensuring better price for manufacturers.

Production and sales will be focused on the domestic market in the beginning. As time goes by, through planned strengthening and expansion of production the aim is to place the high quality meat to foreign markets as a domestic brand.


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