A Young Man from BiH designs for Snapchat


bulend_saciragicBulend Saciragic from BiH can be proud of designing for the famous social network Snapchat while being only 17 years old.

He is engaged into graphic design which is why he got this great opportunity, and this hardworking young man is more than versatile in his knowledge. He has been actively practicing basketball for seven years, and he runs a basketball school with his colleague, which has about 50 members. Also, he is the coordinator of the local team Zepce in the Association of high school students in BiH, he plays the guitar, and he acted in the theater until last year.

But what stands out for Bulend Saciragic is his cooperation with Snapchat. Bulend designed geofilter for Zepce. There is a mosque, two churches and a fountain on it, by which he wanted to point multi-ethnicity and multiculturalism of this city.

We talked with this hard working young man from Zepce who contributes to the promotion of BiH town by his work and effort.

“When it comes to my cooperation with Snapchat, it is strictly based on the design of geofilter and nothing more, and I got the opportunity by sending them my proposition of the geofilter of Zepce who have accepted it and offered me further cooperation,” explained Bulend how he got the opportunity to work with this network.

We asked him where did he get the idea and inspiration from and how did it contribute to his city?

“I got the idea and inspiration while talking to a friend about why larger cities have their geofilter, and the smaller ones don’t. I got the idea to do something similar for Zepce. Specifically geofilters do not have big contribution to anything, accept becoming a viral hit. The whole community uses them on their pictures, and they are attractive to students because they show some tourist attractions or facilities which should be visited, at least in the case of my geofilter,” said Bulend.

We wanted to know what was the procedure of the development and the publishment of the geofilter.

“Given the fact that I have been doing graphic designing for a long time, the process of making lasted for about 2-3 hours and it is, believe me, easier part of the job. After the geofilter is sent, the exact location where it will be used must be determined, and after that a small essay must be sent where you have to explain why this geofilter is needed for Snapchat. This second part of the work lasts much longer,” said Bulend.

And how can we get this geofilter?

“Quite easily, allow Snapchat to use your location on your Smartphones and if you are in the area of Zepce, geofilter will be available,” said the young man.

We asked Bulend whether his cooperation with Snapchat will continue.

“My collaboration with Snapchat intensively runs since the day my geofilter got accepted. Then I got an e-mail which said that my geofilter is accepted, and that they are impressed with my abilities. By that, I got a chance to draw new geofilters for Paris, Rio and Chicago which I accepted. Moreover, geofilter for the municipality of Zavidovici is being developed, and geofilter for Maglaj is planned as well,” said the seventeen-year-old Bulend Saciragic.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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