Young KULT Leaders Visit Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina


The Institute for Youth Development (KULT) organizes a training entitled “Learn, Think, Act” for young political leaders. In the framework of the training, young leaders will visit multiple institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which they have decided to visit first. The visit by KULT political leaders was organized in one of the Court’s coatrooms on 21 February 2020.

In the framework of the visit, young leaders talked to Court’s legal advisors about the constitutional basis and law that founded and regulated the Court of BiH, as well as the achievements and challenges they faced over the past period. KULT leaders were informed about the operation, history and achievements of the Court of BiH, thus improving their knowledge about this important judicial institution.

During the second part of their visit, through the discussion and questions asked, the guests demonstrated a high level of knowledge about the crucial processes in the justice system, while showing particular interest in the Court’s independence and impartiality. They also sought explanation as to the constitutional order in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the end of the visit, they said they were grateful for the quality organization of the visit and the useful information they received.


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