Young Bosnians turned their Hobby of Alpinism and Underwater Rescue into a Job

After graduating from college and getting their diplomas, a group of young men from Zenica decided to stay in their town and do what they love. They turned their hobby of alpinism and underwater rescue into a job, and demand for their services is increasing every day.

Considering that, fortunately, they do not have much work in the rescue operations, a group of young men from the SRK “Bosna” decided to make the brand “Extreme Bosna Service” and offer the first service of works at a height without construction equipment in BiH.

Dajan Vinovcic, one of the founders of the SRK “Bosna” noted that they got the idea after an increasing need for rehabilitation of the facade of skyscrapers was recorded, and since construction projects are expensive, they decided to offer a cheaper alternative that is as good as construction projects.

Besides height works, there are a lot of divers as members of the SRK “Bosna” and they are doing underwater works such as dam rehabilitation, searching for objects at great depths etc. One of their biggest projects at the height is the painting of skyscrapers in Tuzla, which they completed in just eight days.

The aim of young people in “Extreme Bosna Service” in the upcoming period is to gather more young people who are not afraid of height or depth, and who are ready to learn and work.

“My goal is to become one of the bigger companies in BiH with this craft, to continue doing what we are doing, and to give a chance to young people who are willing to learn and who are psychologically stable to do this kind of job. I am hoping that my goal will be achieved and that we will manage to keep at least a few young people within our state borders,” concluded Vinovcic.

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