Young Bosnian Tamara Lukic cleverly combines the World of Fashion and Science


Tamara Lukic is 23 years old and her choice after completing medical school in Sarajevo was the Faculty of Science, where she finished Department of Genetics.

This ambitious girl actively trained figure skating for 10 years and performed at many international competitions. She was the champion of BiH in her category at one point. She graduated from the Music School in Sarajevo at the Department of flute. Today she loves to dance Zumba.

She put a lot of energy in preparation for the competition Miss BiH for Miss World. She was among the 20 finalists.

“I’m incredibly happy that I had the opportunity to participate in this pageant because I dreamed about it ever since I was a little girl. I have to admit that I expected that there will be huge rivalry among the girls, but to my surprise, we all became very good friends which makes this experience even better. Winning the title of Miss Televoting is something that concluded my participation this year and for which I will remember this pageant for life. Although I have been in the world of fashion for a long time and this was the impetus for me to start more serious in this business.

She is in the world of fashion since the age of 14, when she applied for modeling school. Shortly after, she participated in the first Fashion Week in Sarajevo, after which the engagements started coming.

However, Tamara has other option, and that is her love for genetics.

“Genetics has always been a branch of biology that made me excited. Inheritance of our external and internal characteristics of the ancestors is just fascinating. I’ve always wondered why we are who we are and what defines us as a person, and especially interesting part for me is the inheritance of certain diseases from generation to generation. I have to admit that no matter how interesting, it is also very difficult and complicated to understand.”


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