This Year’s Tourists are enjoying in the Beauty of Sarajevo

Increasing number of tourists who are visiting BiH every year are enjoying the beauty of our country. All of them noted how nice it is for them, the prices are decent, and when they compared Sarajevo with neighboring capital cities, they stated that it is much nicer here, despite less modern infrastructure.

“BiH needs more time for modernization in order to attract tourists in that way as well. But historically, BiH is much richer country, it has an incredible Ottoman seal, a mixture of Christian and Jewish traditions, so when you look at Sarajevo it seems like mini Jerusalem. That is also a big advantage for a tourist like me,” said one of the tourists.

A tourist from Australia visited Belgrade and Novi Sad before visiting Sarajevo and, she likes Sarajevo more because of its interesting and rich history, and she considers it physically nicer.

Her friend noted a correct relationship between Muslims and Christians since in the United Kingdom, where she is coming from, Muslims and Christians are living separately in two neighboring towns, but they are divided and do not maintain any relationship, they do not interconnect, and do not understand each other.

Everyone knows that there was a war in BiH. Some of them wanted to visit BiH particularly because of that. Thus, tourists from Denmark visited the Gallery 11/07/95, and some of them are planning to go to the Tunnel of Hope because they find it important to get to know this part of the history of BiH.

The family from Italy decided to visit Zagreb, Sarajevo, and Belgrade, and to stay two days in every city. They said that they were surprised and did not expect such a beautiful city.

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