X-Press Session on the Situation of Single Parents in B&H Society

Single-motherThe X-Press session titled “Single parents and their marginalized status in B&H society” will take place today and will be about the situation of single parents in B&H. This event is organized by the Foundation Cure.

The President of the Association Single Parents in Sarajevo Muamera Činjarević is the leader of the session. The goal of this session is to point out the problems that single parents face, how much media attention they get and in what way they and their children cope with a patriarchal society.

The term single parent refers to only one parent taking care of a child. The reasons for single parent families are the death of one partner, divorce, a spouse leaving the family, etc.

There is no data in  B&H about the number of single parent families and there is no legislation under which they can exercise their rights.

(Source: Fena)

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