World Tourism Organization reveals how popular Bosnia-Herzegovina was last Year among Tourist


The latest report from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) reveals which destinations were most popular during 2019. Data from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) show an increase in the number of tourists worldwide with 1.5 million plane flights, which is 4% more than in 2018.

Most important destinations are seeing steady growth in visitor numbers, such as France, which had more than 90 million visitors in 2019.

When it comes to the Balkans, Montenegro is ranked fifth in the list, thanks to an increase in tourists by as much as 21.4%. Bosnia-Herzegovina is ranked 14th, and during 2019 the number of tourists in this country increased by 13.7%. However, some countries that have experienced violence, terrorist attacks or political instability in the recent past have managed to “get back in the game” and become very popular with travel lovers.

So, for example, Myanmar (until recently Burma) experienced a dramatic jump in tourists – 40.2%, followed by Puerto Rico with a 31.2% increase in visits it managed to achieve despite the horrific consequences left behind by the hurricane Maria in 2017.  Iran finished third with a 27.9 increase in visitors, despite the expectation that tourism would be dead because of the killing of an Iranian general.

Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia are slowly “back in the game” and are once again managing to attract tourists after the horrific terrorist attacks that have taken place in these countries over the past years.  Also, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina have experienced a significant jump in tourism, eKapija business portal reports.




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