World Speech Day 2019: What does being a World Citizen in BiH mean?

Last Friday, 15.03.2019, World Speech Day in the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was organized by the ambassador of WSD for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ismar Lacevic. Representatives from Toastmasters Sarajevo also attended and supported the event and the idea behind it.

This year’s World Speech Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina started at 11:00 AM and gathered not only attendees eager to practice at the workshops, but also five extraordinary speakers for the first block of speeches and three representatives from the media. This gave them the chance to get to know these names from television without cameras and listen to their personal standpoints and stories on the topic of being a World Citizen.

The workshop made everyone get on their feet to practice sharing and then share their important messages with the world. After that, we got the chance to listen to stories from speakers such as Adla Kahric, one of the leading researchers at National Geographic, who spoke about the importance of valuing our own, no matter whether it is ourselves, our country, or our ecosystem.

The attendees also got the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics from innovation, poetry, getting back to our roots, and discovering our inner child, to stories behind Argentinean instruments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, human values, and giving love to other human beings without expecting anything in return.

Traveling the world while you are young, innovating yourself day in day out but staying authentic at the same time, and developing our own communities are this year’s messages from World Speech Day under the topic of World Citizen.

Freedom of Speech and Integrity were the leading thoughts of the second block of speakers at World Speech Day 2019 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The second block of speeches was led by important names from the journalistic world. All three ladies not only have diverse, internationally educated backgrounds but they also personify the mindsets of world citizens and leaders.

Naida Kundurovic – host and television producer N1 TV- CNN exclusive news channel affiliate, spoke about how freedom of speech is unfortunately just a privilege and not a basic right for many. She emphasized that she has always striven to stay authentic and spoke about how that has shaped her career. That does not only mean rebellion but sometimes, even more, being empathetic to others, their stories, and one’s surroundings.

Dalija Hasanbegovic Konakovic – news presenter and correspondent at Al Jazeera Balkans, encouraged the attendees to take action when spotting unethical behavior and how the responsible sharing of news is a good way of doing that. Dalija spoke about her personal ups and downs and the moral code she is following throughout her life and career.

Ika Ferrer Gotic – news producer and anchor at N1 TV- CNN exclusive news channel affiliate, led us through her life and the way she built up her career. No matter how far she got, she tried to stay humble and considered herself as still learning in any situation.She encouraged everyone to take a look beyond the edge of their plates.

Toastmasters Sarajevo would like to use this opportunity to express their gratitude to Ismar Lacevic, for the invitation and collaboration, and to all speakers and attendees of the workshops and blocks for participating in making our communities better and with more opportunities.
Toastmasters Sarajevo is the leading movement devoted to making leadership and communication a reality in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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