World Poetry Day marked in Sarajevo in a very unusual Way

March 22, 2018 8:00 AM

Several coffee shops in Sarajevo decided to celebrate the World Day of Poetry by giving opportunity to their guests to pay their coffee with verses and not money. Everyone who wrote a verse yesterday, and there were many of them, paid their coffee with creativity.

There were numerous interesting verses, love declarations and messages, especially when it comes to romantic couples, but there were also some forgotten verses that were re-actualized.

The World Day of Poetry is marked in this way in a total of 23 countries, 1,100 cities, and it sends a global message “Let’s show the world that feelings are more valuable than money.”

When it comes to BiH, besides the capital of Sarajevo where in this action were included Caffe Ort, Tutto Benne Snack Bar, Mrvica Old Town, Mrvica, Moj Caffe, Boutique Mercato and Soho Caffe Restaurant, this day was also marked in Banja Luka, Bosanska Gradiska, Prijedor, Kljuc, Bosanski Novi, Kozarska Dubica, Trn, Ljubuski, Doboj, Teslic, Prnjavor, Bosanski Brod, Brcko, Tuzla and Neum.

This year, the project is called “Write the verse for a musical hit,” and the global ambassador of the project “Pay for coffee with a verse” is JP Cooper, a very talented singer and composer who was nominated for the prestigious award Some of his hits including “Perfect Strangers”, “September Song” and “She’s on my mind” have been on the top lists for a long time, and they have been listened for more than 343 million times through Spotify platform.

JP Cooper will compose a song in honour of all the poets of the world, and the author of the most inspirational verse will receive a ticket for his concert as a reward.



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