World Handball Junior Championship 2013 in B&H

B&H will be the host of the 2013 World Handball Junior Championship. Twenty-four best handball teams will compete on this championship. The championship will be held from the 14th till 28th July in Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Zenica and Ljubuški.

The official agreement on organization of this championship was signed on the 26th October by the representatives of the Handball Federation of B&H (RS B&H) and the International Handball Federation in Basel. The organization of this event presents the first step towards the candidacy of B&H for the European and World Senior Championship.

” We were entrusted with the organization of this event after a period of a lot of hard work and dedication. The World Championship is a great opportunity to show ourselves in great light. It is also a great opportunity not only for sport but also for B&H economy, tourism and the promotion of this country.”- said Smajo Karačić, the chief secretary of RS B&H.

The organizers of this event expect around 10.000 visitors during this championship. The official list of all participants will be announced after the end of European qualification period.

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