World famous British Artist Grayson Perry to open an Exhibition in Banja Luka

The exhibition “the Vanity of Small Differences” by one of most famous British contemporary artists Grayson Perry, will be opened on Thursday, September 7,  at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Republika Srpska (MSU RS).

Perry is exhibiting for the very first time in this area, and he will visit Banja Luka within his tour of the Western Balkans, which includes Novi Sad, Pristina, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, and Tirana.

The special thing about this exhibition, which will take place at the Museum of Contemporary Art of the RS, is that this is the only city within the Balkan tour that the artist himself will visit, and besides the opening of the exhibition, Grayson Perry will also give a lecture at the Concert Hall of the Cultural Center Banski Dvor.

The exhibition “the Vanity of Small Differences” consists of six monumental tapestries that are exploring British fascination with style and class differences. With this exhibition, Grayson Perry explores its own fascination with the taste and the class. The tapestries were created together with the documentary series of British television Channel 4, “All in the Best Possible Taste with Grayson Perry”, which also received the prestigious BAFTA award, which will also be broadcasted on RTRS during the exhibition.


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