World Experts to attend the Conference on Arab Spring in Sarajevo

March 13, 2018 9:30 AM

“Seven years after the Arab spring” is the main topic of the conference in the organization of Sarajevo Talks by Al Jazeera Balkans that will take place on March 15, 2018, in Multimedia hall of Memorial center Kovaci. World experts for the Middle East will attend the panel discussion.

During the last decade, the Middle East has been place of numerous conflicts and wars, and a special attention was attracted by revolutions that took place in Arab world, which are also known as the Arab Spring. Since not enough attention is paid to this topic in our region, which is burdened by its own problems, Al Jazeera Balkans decided to organize a conference where world and local expert will try to provide an analysis of events and answer on the question: “What was changed seven years after the Arab Spring?

Participants of the panel discussion will be:

– David Hearst, the Editor in Chief of Middle East Eyea

– Galip Dalay, the Director of research in Shark Forum

– Kamal Alam, the analyst of security from the RUSI Institute

– Ahmet Alibasic, the Director of Center for Advanced Studies

– Edhem Foco, the Director of Al Jazeera Network

The panel will discuss the individual conflicts on Middle East, their consequences and spreading of conflicts to neighbouring countries, as well as possible scenarios for the future period. Panellists will offer different approaches to this topic and they will try to answer the question of how could protests affect countries, how the image of Middle East was changed after the Arab Spring and who is responsible for the current state. After the panel discussion, audience will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Sarajevo Talks by Al Jazeera Balkans is the title of platform for expert and academic discussion on a wide range of topics that are very important for better understanding of international relations and politics of the modern world.  Different kinds of conferences, panels, symposiums and discussions that will include experts from all over the world will be organized within the platform, and their main aim will be establishment of a dialogue among representatives of various groups.

Entrance to the conference is free of charge.



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