Workshop on National Parks and Development of Sustainable Tourism

sutjeskaIn the national park Sutjeska, a two-day workshop will be held from 2-3 September called ‘’concepts of management of national parks and development of sustainable tourism’’.

The workshop will be held as part of the project ‘’Forest and Mountain Protected Areas’’, and as part of a campaign ‘’Let’s take care of Nature and It Will Take Care of us’’, led by the Ministry for Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of the RS with the consortium ‘Futura’ Belgrade, technical-ecological institute Banja Luka and the International Center for Eco remediation (MC ERC) Maribor.

The aim is to gather and connect representatives of protected areas from the country and abroad, and representatives of relevant institutions from the country and the surrounding area that are responsible for the management of protected areas and environment.

In addition to the representative of the FBiH Ministry for Environment and Tourism, representatives of the National Park Una will attend.

The official opening of the workshop is on 2 September in National Park Sutjeska, and the Minister for Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology Srebrenka Golić will participate, announced the Ministry.

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