Works of Six Sarajevo Artists in Area of Applied Arts in Java Gallery

javaIn the contemporary art gallery of Java the works of six Sarajevo artists from the area of applied arts are on display-product and graphic design. The works are on sale, and the goal is to offer tourists different and more modern souvenirs based on a traditional idea.

The exhibition includes works by Aleksandra Nina Knežević, Amila Smajlović-Pozder, Amra Zulfikarpašić, Ljiljana Majkić, Naida Begović and Nataša Perković.

“We are all academic graphic designers and visual artists. When we saw everything that is being sold on Baščaršija, we decided to provide another type of offer that tourists and guests could take from Sarajevo. We decided to make something new and contemporary using a traditional idea. I worked on symbols of Sarajevo. It started seven years ago, and this year it obtained a different form, a little commercial. It showed up on bags, tote bags, badges, pictures and plaques’’, said Aleksandra Nina Knežević to

Ljiljana Majkić showed her dresses and several pieces of jewelry. The motifs on the dresses represent Sarajevo, and designer Branko Mićić did the sketches. Naida Begović worked on the tapestries with images and scenes from Sarajevo, which she pixelated.

Mila Melank, the General Secretary of the Association of Artists of Applied Arts of BIH and the Coordinator of the exhibition, explained that the exhibition represents works of artists from the Association and that they, as well as the Association, are trying to obtain a space in which they are able to exhibit works by artists from the Association.

“We have more than 250 members, all of whom work on unique or serial items, and which we could sell as souvenirs and as art objects. We are currently negotiating with municipality Center, and they are interested in cooperation, and we are trying to find adequate space’’, said Melank.


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