Works on the Installation of Gondola taking place in the Ski Resort “Ravna Mountain”

Works on the installation of gondola are currently taking place in the ski resort “Ravna Mountain”, i.e. a cable car for guests/skiers, and they are in the final stage. The next step is the placement of cabins on the ski lift, as announced by spokeswoman of this ski resort, Borislava Purkovic.

The gondola will be in operation and available to all visitors of the ski resort “Ravna Mountain” from the upcoming season, and it is part of the project “Gondola Pale-Jahorina” (Jahorina Expres).

The starting station is located at 900 meters above the sea level, and the final station, i.e. the first middle station is at the height of 1.350 meters above the sea level.

She also noted that this gondola is the only one of its kind in BiH, and that this type of infrastructure has been used in the best ski resorts in the world, and this season it will be available to skiers in BiH as well.

The purpose of this gondola is not just to be used during the winter season but to be used throughout the entire year for panoramic sightseeing because it gives you a unique feeling, stated Purkovic.

Besides the various offers during the winter season, the ski resort “Ravna Mountain” is aiming to become a real recreational center and their plans for the summer season include cycling trails, mountain trails, zip-line and many other activities for everyone who enjoys the nature.


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