Works on Bjelasnica Mountain to be done by September?

August 17, 2017 4:45 PM

The Economy Minister of Canton Sarajevo Muharem Sabic together with the director of KJP ZOI’84 Midhat Hubijar and representatives of the contractors yesterday toured the workplace at Bjelasnica, where a vertical transporter and an artificial snow system are being installed.

Works are going on as planned and should be finished by the end of the September, while a four-seater and six-seater will be available to visitors by the next skiing season.

Excavation and other works are finished and pillars for the six-seater are currently being installed. Works are also being done on the outgoing and ingoing stations. About 5km of pipes have been laid, as to provide the 39 guns for artificial snow with water. Works on the “Akumulacija 2” are also being done, which will be the most important one for providing water for the guns. It will contain 40.800 cubic meters of water. The water will be acquired from the regional water supply Hojta-Bjelasnica-Igman, which is being constructed by the Government of CS and the Municipality of Trnovo.

We’re proud that all works are going according to plan and that some will be finished earlier. Due to the importance of this project, the Government and the Ministry are conducting reviews every day and there are currently no problems,” minister Sabic said.

He emphasized that tourism is one of the key branches of development of Canton Sarajevo and that the Government of CS has shown that it’s interested in that through this project.

“Without new investments and construction of infrastructure, there is no tourism. On Bjelasnica, vertical transport and artificial snow guns were a problem for a long time and now we’re going to be able to have a five-month long ski season. We’re planning to develop our summer offer, so it’ll be one of our priorities during the summer,” minister Sabic said.

Director Hubijar noted that ZOI’84 is participating in the realization of one of the most complex projects currently being realized in BiH and that they waited for this for 25 years.

“The capacity of the six-seaters is 1,800 skiers in one hour, while the path will be five and half minutes long. It’ll have a much faster speed and it’ll decrease the wait time, despite the fact that the path is twice as long as the previous one,” emphasized director Hubijar.

According to his words, Bjelasnica will match many ski centers across Europe this season.

This is largest project that was begun on the Olympic mountains since the Olympics and in which the Government of CS invested 16 million BAM. Alongside these funds, another 4 million BAM was directed towards construction of the water supply Hojta-Bjelasnica-Igman and 1.5 million BAM for construction of the “Akumulacija 2”.




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