Works on Bjelasnica completed: Four-seater and Six-seater to start working soon

Works on vertical transportation at Bjelasnica are completed, and test period should be also completed in seven days, as confirmed by the Director of ZOI’84, Midhat Hubijar.

Visitors will enjoy the ride in the four-seater and six-seater from Babin Do to the station at the speed of six kilometers per hour, which means that the 13-minute ride will be now shortened to 5.5 minutes.

The artificial snowing tubes were installed as well, and with this technology, Bjelasnica will be covered with snow within 48 hours, and therefore the skiing season will be extended. The season should be open in mid-November and it should last until the end of May.

The plan for the next year is to set up a restaurant on the top of Bjelasnica, which will be impossible to reach without adequate transportation, as well as expansion of routes and creation of new trails.

(Source: M. N./Klix.ba)

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