Working Hours of Shops extended in Canton Sarajevo


At the session of the Civil Protection Headquarters of Sarajevo Canton on Friday, an Order repealing the Order of March 30th, 2020 concerning the working hours of the exempted shops.

These are stores: hygienic shops, grocery stores, fish markets, butchers, pharmacies, specialized stores of medical, veterinary products and equipment, agricultural pharmacies, gas stations, bakeries, dry cleaners, specialized stores for the sale of orthopedic and other aids, specialized baby equipment stores, animal feed stores, construction, plumbing and electrical materials stores, logistic and distribution centers for food, beverages and hygiene products, wholesalers, bookstores, auto parts stores, car dealers and car wash.

In accordance with the then Order, which was repealed, these shops were supposed to organize working hours by 6:30 pm, with the exception of duty pharmacies.

After a ban on movement from 8pm to 5 am was lifted at session of the Federal Civil Protection Headquarters, the order was repealed, is stated in the Protocol and Press Service of Canton Sarajevo.



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