The Workers in elementary Education in CS will have higher Salaries

The workers who are employed in the sector of elementary education and upbringing in the Canton of Sarajevo (CS) yesterday have finally received their collective agreement, which is guaranteeing them the better working conditions and higher salaries.

The contract was signed yesterday by Prime Minister of CS, Elmedin Konakovic, and President of the Syndicate of Elementary Education and Upbringing of CS, Saudin Sivro. Prime Minister Konakovic stressed that the collective agreement brought some good things, among which is the increase of the base by 2.5 percent and the stimulation of more than 1 percent.

“Besides the increase in the base, we have made a step forward and have opened up an additional percentage to stimulate and reward people in education, which we were pleased to do. This increase is not to notable, but it is a reflection and confirmation of the policy of appreciating this profession,” Konakovic said.

He emphasized that it is important that this agreement reduces the number of proceedings at the cantonal and municipal courts, and that in this government mandate, no money will be spent on lawsuits.

“So far, we have paid close to 25 million BAM of someone’s else debts that were made during the mandates of other governments, and we still have 20 million BAM to pay, “ Konakovic said.

He emphasized that this document guarantees better working conditions, and he thanked the Syndicate for understanding the current circumstances and their objectivity in the requests. The collective agreement is valid until August 31st 2020, with 188 members worth 80 million BAM.

The Prime Minister said that the Government of CS will continue to invest in the segment of education through the construction of new facilities, remediation of existing ones etc.

He also emphasized he hoped that a new policy “one textbook – one subject” would be applied until the beginning of the new school year, more specifically that the law would be adopted by then.


(Source: klix.ba)



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