Wood Industry of BiH is the only sector that has a Surplus in Trade

The wood industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the only sector of the economy that has a surplus in trade, which amounted to 725.7 million BAM in six months, according to the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH.

Exports in the mentioned period amounted to 1.03 billion BAM, which is more by 263.03 million or 34 percent than in the first half of last year, while imports were 304.7 million BAM and higher by 64.7 million BAM or 27 percent compared to six months in 2020.

Furniture, carriers and mattresses were exported in the value of 606,094,475 BAM which is 163,333,183 BAM or 37 percent more than in the first half of last year, while the export of wood and its products amounted to 424,303,276 BAM which is more for 99,696,966 BAM or 31 percent.

The most important export market of furniture and its parts is Germany, where these products were exported in six months in the value of 172,114,716 BAM, which is 20 percent more than in the same period last year.

Exports to Croatia amounted to 73,527,885 BAM, which is 53 percent more, to the Netherlands furniture was exported in the amount of 53,349,874 BAM, which is 65 percent more, while exports to Italy amounted to 35,245,861 BAM (increase of 30 percent), and in Austria 33,355,974 BAM (increase of 36 percent), Biznis Info writes.

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