The Women’s Football Team of BiH learns Sign Language because of the new Player

The women’s cadet national football team of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has been in the winter camp for the fourth day, which is being held at the Football Association of BiH (FABiH) Training Center in Zenica, and during the preparatory period they engaged a sign language teacher in order to get in touch with the new player who recently joined them.

It is Jovana Stevanovic, player of the Club “Radnik” from Bijeljina, who is currently, with 25 goals, second in the list of goalscorers of the Cadet Premier League of BiH, and her club is probably the first in the table, so they are serious candidates for the championship title.

The coach Ilija Lucic points out that the class passed in a pleasant atmosphere and that all players will try to get closer to Jovana.

“We have one player who is deaf-mute, and that class was held in order to try to get closer to this girl. Besides, the girls could learn a lot, and everything went well in a pleasant atmosphere, “ said Lucic.

When it comes to the preparations, coach Lucic said that everything is going very well, and that the weather conditions are satisfactory.

“We invited 32 players, but one was not able to come to this gathering. It went very well, and weather conditions were good. Everything goes according to the plan and program. On the first day, we performed the usual tests, on the second day we had two trainings, and yesterday we had one. This morning the girls played a match between themselves and the control game with which this camp ended,“ he said.



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