Woman from Sarajevo creates Magic with her Pencil

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Amina Feratović from Sarajevo has been delighting people with her artistic talent for years. She is making incredibly vivid portraits with pencil and paper, making them look like real photographs. Her magic leaves people breathless and it is truly difficult to believe that those are just drawings.

It all started as a hobby and over time she turned it into a job she likes. She demonstrated love for drawing already as a child, and she has been working on portraits intensely for three years. All she knows she learned by herself.

“As in every other job, practice and hard work are the most important elements, and the same is in art. Sometimes I spend five or six hours doing a part of the drawing which requires a lot of effort because I have to convey the tiniest details on the drawing,” said Amina.

It takes approximately two or three days to make one drawing, but it depends on what she is drawing.

Amina says that she does not have a role model, but she is trying to perfect hyperrealism as a branch of art. She says it takes a lot of practice and effort to achieve it and she hopes she will succeed in time.

The technique she uses is graphite and pencil. Amina gets the material from USA and Austria because she uses a special brand of graphite pencils. Amina believes that art is not overly appreciated in the region, but she is confident that it will change over time.

She drew famous people like Paul Walker, Adele, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, as well as ordinary people in special moments.

“It is my great honor that one of my works is decorating the home of the famous Slobodan Janjuš Čobo, former goalkeeper of Yugoslavia. Another beautiful side of this job is that I met a lot of people and friends and every work brings a story. Some are happy, some are not, but I can partly make someone’s life moments more beautiful and give them an eternal memory with my work,” said Feratović.


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